50th Year Reunion -The party was a success and although it’s over, highlights of the festivities will be forthcoming!

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reunion-group-pic_1-1Our 50th Reunion was a Success!

ROUTE 66 – THE JOURNEY CONTINUESthe journey continues pic 3X3

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Historic Elks Lodge in Downtown San Francisco
450 Post Street
6PM – 11PM

A great time was had by over 160 in attendance. Over the next several weeks or so, we will gather stories, photos, and memories of this special evening as well as some related activities to share with everyone. 

Some great detectives have been diligently working on the “Missing Classmates” list and even found that LAA had listed a classmate as deceased in error. This is an ongoing process. If anyone who has any kind of contact information on any of the missing or corrections, please contact us at lowell66@gmail.com.

A special pre-reunion event was arranged for 1966 alumni and their guests on Friday, September, 30th. Highlights will be posted too.

You may be wondering how this milestone of a celebration is being organized when many of us are spread across the USA as well as around the globe. Here are the classmates who have had a hand in planning the reunion. Many have participated in previous reunion committees and for a few is their first time. Thanks to all for the help!

Richard Benjamin
Roxanne Crick Ekhos
Jim Darcey, Reunion Committee Chairman
Irene Dea Gee
Jeff Greendorfer
Ron Kleist
Carol Lincoln Anderson
Stephen Lovell
Jim McFarland
Isabel McWhirter Wade
Laverne Milton

Gael Murphy
Carole Neal
Nancy Nelson Butler
Tosh Okano
Lyla Orlando Paniagua
Dave Parsons
Barry Schneider
Yvonne Smith Manuel
Ed Tang
Liz Thompson Mastrontonio
Patty Willard Leicher

Lowell Alumni Association had extended a unique invitation to alumni from”milestone” reunion year classes to attend the 2016 graduating class commencement exercises on May 24th at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. To represent our class in marking its 50th Year Reunion, a small contingent of Spring 1966 alumni was in attendance. Click here to view photos and a special narrative from Margie Brown Whitnah. Carole Neal attended the first one in 2006 during Lowell’s 150th Year Anniversary and she shared her graduation notes.

Another FYI, there is a new “Remembrance form” available under In Memoriam tab, as a convenience, for you to write a remembrance of a classmate who has passed.

Two special alumni, Carole Neal and Stephen Lovell, have also helped to get the word out about marking our special milestone by celebrating 50 years together this past October 1st. Please checkout the special links below as each have given motivation to attend which helped in making our 50th Year Reunion a most memorable one.