40th Reunion

Our 40th Reunion was held on Saturday, October 7, 2006 from 6 to 11PM at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel. Over 100 classmates attended. We all had a great time re-connecting and catching up on what each of us has been doing.  To see some of the photos from the reunion, click here.

The Reunion Planning Committee

First photo: Kathy (Rucker) Zach, Patty (Willard) Leicher, Jack Schnell, Roxanne (Crick) Eckhos
Second photo: Cheryl (Yano) Damico
Third photo: back- Ed Tang, Kathy, Jack, Roxanne, Ron Kleist;   front- Lyla (Orlando) Paniagua, Sandy (Chinn) Kutaka 

A special thanks to the Donors of the Sponsorship Fund. Their generosity made it possible for a number of classmates to attend the reunion who would not be able to attend it otherwise.

Thanks to the all the volunteers and service providers for making it a memorable evening: 

Invitations Mark Taylor
The Taylor Group
2673 Vistagrand Court
San Leandro, CA 94577
Banner Norm Gilbert
Disc Jockey Mark Powers
Goodtime Disc Jockeys
Photos Margie Brown Whitnah, Dan Kleist, Harold Rossit, Sharyn Ryan, Ed Tang
1966 Facts Flyer Mary Hurff Burnette
Jr. High Boards Aptos- Shelley Beckes
Hoover- Genevieve Carter Kline
Roosevelt- Kathy Zach & Carolyn Russell Sullivan
Set Up Sandy Chinn, Roxy Crick, James Hom, Lyla Orlando, Kathy Rucker, Carolyn Russell, Jack Schnell, Ed Tang, Cheryl Yano
Check-in Tables Nancy Nelson Butler, Sandy Chinn, Jenny Green, Rhea Irvine, Gael Murphy, Lyla Orlando, Carolyn Russell, Patty Willard, Cheryl Yano
Missing Classmates Committee Cheryl Yano, Marilyn Bergstrom (Bert’s wife), Margie Brown, Susan Bryant, Marilyn Clayton, Betsy Dickie, Ron Eber, Cheryl Free, Joyce Garabedian, Robert Gooyer, Ron Kleist, Carla Lazzareschi, Aileen Magner, William McWood, Sandra Miller, Athan Pasadis, Kathy Rucker, James Schultz, Ed Tang, Elizabeth Thompson, Patricia Vieno, Mina Watterson, Ward Wolff
Other Volunteers Rich Benjamin, Bert Bergstrom, Roland Kutaka (Sandy’s husband), Carol Lincoln, Doug Smith, Geralyne Taylor (Mark’s wife)

Over 300 pictures have been collected and more than 30 Journeys submitted. Information on how to obtain the pictures and other reunion material will be provided within the next few weeks.

October 7, 2006 at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel