Remembering Donna Jew



Donna Jew Quan
May 31, 1948 – January 9, 2013

Donna was born in San Francisco and grew up in two different worlds. As a young woman she navigated traditional Chinese values and American culture by using love, understanding and an unfaltering desire to do what was right for those around her.

In 1970, at the age of 22, she fell in love with Richard and they were married on January 12, 1975. Over the next three decades they would accomplish much together. They would move to Monte Sereno, have two wonderful sons (Matthew and David), travel the world, and build a loving home for their family, extended family and friends.

Caring for others came naturally for Donna, whether that meant preparing a delicious meal or listening to a friend’s concerns. Her kindness, honesty and empathy allowed her to understand everyone that confided in her. Be it family or friend, she was there to listen and help anyone that needed it.

Donna’s passion in life was being a full time mom. Having always had a way with children, she found immense joy and took great pride in raising her two sons by being an invaluable part of their lives everyday. Through her tender and caring guidance, they learned how to empathize with others and respect people’s feelings.

Mother, peacemaker, leader, confidant, lover and friend were all things Donna embodied during her time with us.

From Darling & Fischer Chapel of the Hills Website